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News » Dolphins rookie camp wrap - Day 1

Dolphins rookie camp wrap - Day 1

Dolphins rookie camp wrap - Day 1
May 1, 2009 (Sun Sentinel delivered by Newstex ) --

One specific play that occurred during the Miami Dolphins' rookie minicamp should tell you everything you need to know about what Pat White can bring to this offense.

White calls out a?shift during 11-on-11 drills,?moving the tight end from his left side to his right. Cornerback Sean Smith takes a step or two forward before the ball is snapped.

When the play becomes live Anthony Armstrong, a speedy receiver who spent?all of last year on the Dolphins' practice squad, runs a takeoff on the left side of the field.

Armstrong used his Arena League speed to get behind Smith, who admits he peeked into the backfield. White throws a beautiful 50-yards bomb that has great touch on it. Armstrong catches?the ball in stride?and strolls into the end zone for what would have been an ESPN worthy touchdown.

If only you'd have seen it! No worries, because I did, and so did every other media member that attended Friday's rookie minicamp.

Besides that play....

White wore gloves on both hands during the session, and considering it's something he's done throughout the final year of his college career, don't expect him to change it.

Coach Tony Sparano said he has no problem with a gloved quarterback (and he views White as a QB), especially considering how well?White threw the ball in gloves as a senior at West Virginia; and all the cold weather climates the Dolphins will be visiting in November and December, where gloves would probably be ideal.

White, a spread QB,?did not take snaps from under center (which was a big problem for him at the Senior Bowl) because of a "thumb injury" he allegedly suffered days before showing up to Dolphins camp. Sparano said he didn't want White getting hurt by "some center" he'd never taken snaps from, so White will just be holding the Football on his own before each snap all weekend.

Conspiracy theorist can have fun with this one all they'd like (and normally I would) but this is no biggie. We'll see if his ability to take snaps from under center will improve when Jake Grove is the man snapping the ball. Plus, even if?White plays most of his snaps as a QB, the ball will likely be coming to him from shut-gun anyhow....

If you're wondering how Vontae Davis and Sean Smith did (outside of the touchdown he allowed), both looked fine. Actually, Davis is physically impressive. His muscles bulge out, and you can tell he has a habit?of popping people because he seems super physical.?Smith is HUGE. Absolutely HUGE! He's 6-foot-3, has super long arms, thick ankles, and he can run. He moves well people.

Smith kept pace with just about every receiver but Armstrong, who really stood out to me.

Davis picked off a pass from White that would have been a pick-six. I have no idea who it was intended for because Davis stepped in front of it so fast. He also dropped one that was right in his hands. But I'm starting to suspect he has good ball skills. The question is: does he have good hands?

Here are some of my other thoughts and observations....

New punter Jy Bond has a long way to go before he's pushing Brandon Fields for his roster spot. The Australian kicks a lot of knuckle balls. One out of every three punts is decent, the rest are a crap shoot.

WR Chris Williams, an undrafted rookie free agent, is listed at 5-foot-8, and that height seems a bit generous....

University of Miami?offensive tackle Chris Rutledge, who was being worked at?right tackle during this?weekend's tryout,?stood out because of his bad mediocre feet. But truth is I couldn't tell much about the offensive and defensive linemen because the team was in shorts and there's very little physicality.....

Tight ends John Balbone and Jared Bronson really stood out to me because of their route running. I'm not sure if that was because of their skills, or the players who were covering them, which at times was CFL standout Cameron Wake.

Wake looks super athletic, and has muscles bulging everywhere, but I didn't see much quickness. And his work during the special teams portion of the drills expose that he might have trouble changing directions. He was primarily working on the weakside in Joey Porter's spot, but Wake said in Canada he regularly switched sides, always lining up on the open end of the field....

Patrick Turner made the practices nicest catch by tipping a ball with his left hand and catching it before falling to the ground. Turner is very big, and moves well.....

Tryout quarterback Nate Longshore is big (a thick 6-4, 230 pounds) and threw a couple of nice balls. The problems was very few of them connected with a receiver. But you can see there's potential there. QB's usually have the toughest time during these sessions because of the amount of information they have to digest.

Thanks for coming, and please do remember this is one practice from one weekend. At this point it means little, but might provide some clues. Remember, E.L.E.

Newstex ID: FL-2093-34596884

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: May 2, 2009

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